Tournaments Overview

Tournament Rules for Men's and Ladies' Golf Events 

Approved by the LSGS Board - March 2016



The following rules are put in place to ensure all events are run in a clear and competitive manner.


Listed below are the key tournaments offered to Las Sendas Golf Members:
  • Men's Stableford

  • Men's Las Sendas Cup

  • Ladies' Las Sendas Cup

  • Men's Member/Member

  • Men's Invitational

  • Ladies' Desert Bloom Invitational

  • Members Club Championship


All of the above events will be played under USGA rules. The following local rules are in effect: GPS or Rangefinders are allowed with exception of devices that determine slope and wind velocity, stones can be removed in traps. This is not the definitive list as additions may be made to Local Rules based on extraordinary conditions.


No personal alcohol to be brought on the golf course. Arrangements can be made with the golf club to supply alcohol for tournaments.


All Handicaps for Las Sendas Tournaments listed above that have net results or prizes will be based on the players current GHIN. Men's and Ladies' Member/Member and Invitationals - will have the 8 stroke differential in place as per USGA Rules. Highest handicap player will reduce his/her score to get to the 8 stroke differential.

Cell Phones:

All cell phones are to be on mute during Tournament play. No incoming or outgoing calls are allowed. You are allowed to text if it doesn't interfere with play or slow down play. If a player asks you to stop texting during play you must adhere to their wishes or be disqualified from the Tournament. If a player makes a call out or answers a call during Tournament play, the player will be automatically disqualified.


No music is allowed during tournament play. Even if your group permits music, you may disturb the groups in front or behind you.

Sunflower Seeds:

**No Sunflower Seeds are permitted on the golf course**

PGA Professionals:

The following rules apply to Las Sendas Golf Society Members who are PGA Professionals (not retired) and invited guest Professsionals when playing in any of the Las Sendas events.

Wednesday Men's Club - All Pros must play from the silver tees no matter what the structure of the event may be. All who don't have a handicap will have to play to a zero handicap from the silvers. If the Pro comes in below par the Handicap committee has the right to adjust the Pro's handicap that would best represent the true handicap of the player.

All Men's Club major events including Invitational, Member/Member and the Las Sendas Cup. All participants including PGA Professionals msut have a USGA/GHIN handicap in order to participate.

All Las Sendas Golf Society Member Professionals and invited PGA Professionals who are retired but still hold a PGA Professional Card must have a USGA handicap in order to play from other tees than the Silvers.

Hole in One Insurance Policy

The Member's Board has made the decision to charge each member $10 to cover our hole-in-one insurance. With this insurance fund, if you have a hole-in-one, you will have the ability to receive a credit on your account of up to $250 to purchase one drink per member in the clubhouse on the day of your hole-in-one.

To clarify:

• In the event of a hole-in-one, the Player who made the hole-in-one must first verify the hole-in-one with the Pro Shop, by signing the card and turning it in. The Player will be asked to fill out a form so the Hole-in-One tag can be ordered for the plaque in the restaurant.

• Following the verification and once the member has entered the restaurant, each member in attendance will be offered a single serving drink (standard beer, well, and house wine) of their choice provided the total bill does not exceed $250.00. No drinks will be served until the member is in the restaurant and has set up his/her tab.

• Should the hole-in-one member decide to purchase additional drinks for members or purchase drinks for non-members in the clubhouse, it will be at their own cost. They will ask the server to close out the tab and have the member sign off. A new tab will be opened at the sole discretion of the member.

• The $250 credit is to be used towards the 1st drink for each member in the clubhouse; should the entire credit not be used, the balance is forfeited – not to be refunded or applied to the hole-in-one member’s account.

• If the member making the hole-in-one signs off on the tab and leaves the premises, regardless of any available balance there will be no further drinks associated to this tab.

• It is the member’s responsibility to notify accounting of the hole-in-one so they can get the credit on their monthly statement. If you have questions regarding the Hole-in-One Insurance policy, please do not hesitate to contact Las Sendas’ Office Manager, Lloyd McBean (Managing Partner) or Las Sendas Golf Society’s Treasurer. When the balance of the hole-in-one insurance fund goes below $1000 we will automatically charge each member’s account for $10 to replenish the fund.


The following events will be played from the Tees listed below.

Men's Las Sendas Cup

  • 32 players per side with 3 alternates

  • 24 players from each side will play from the Gold Tees

  • 8 players per side will compete from the Blue Tees

  • Players can move from one tee to another during the tournament (Captain's decision).

  • Players will only play against players playing the same tees.

  • Only One (1) Cup will be awarded to the winning team.

Ladies Member/Member

  • Played from the Copper Tees

Men's Member/Member

  • Two separate flights, Gold Tees and Blue Tees.

  • Two trophies recognizing the winners in each flight

  • No more than 8 stroke differential between players.

Men's Las Sendas Invitational

  • Played from the Gold Tees, except hole #10 which will be played as a par 5 from the Silver Tees

Ladies' Desert Bloom Member/Guest

  • Copper Tees

  • 4 women teams (at least 1 member per team)

  • Separate flights and awards based on participation per flight

  • USGA Rules and recommendations

Members Club Championship

  • Men's Club Champion Trophy (Championship flight) lowest GROSS score from the Black Tees.

  • All other Men's Flights will be played from the Green (tournament) Tees.

  • Men's Presidents Cup (lowest NET score regardless of Flight.) Handicap adjusted if playing the Black Tees.

  • Senior Men's Club Champion (lowest GROSS score by any player over the age of 60)

  • Men's Super Senior Club Champion (lowest GROSS score by any player over the age of 70)

  • Ladies' Club Champion Trophy (Championship flight) lowest GROSS score from the White Tees.

  • All other Ladies' Flights will be played from the Copper Tees.

  • Ladies' President Cup (lowest NET score regardless of Flight). Handicap adjusted if playing the White Tees.

  • Ladies Senior Club Champion Trophy (lowest GROSS score by any player over the age of 60)


  • Played from the Silver Tees or greater

  • Senior Ironman will play from the Black Tees

Wednesday's Men's Club

  • Members will be allowed to play from any set of tees and your USGA handicap will be adjusted.

Ladies' Events

  • All Ladies' events will be played from the Copper Tees.


2016/2017 Tournament Descriptions - Season Long Events

Season Long Events

Yearly Mens Stableford

There will be 5 18-hole matches during the year: November 16, 2016; December 7, 2016; January 18, 2017; February 8, 2017; March 1, 2017. Three of your best rounds will be used and added to the final round March 29, 2017. You must play in the March. You must play in the March 29th round in order to win. For the final round tee times will be assigned based on current rankings. PLAYERS MUST PLAY IN THEIR ASSIGNED TEE TIMES TO QUALIFY. No guest play in the last Stableford event. THERE WILL BE NO EXCEPTIONS.  The player with the highest 4 round total will determine the Stableford Champion. There will be 2 flights: Gold Tees and Blue Tees. You must compete from the same Tees you signed up for, at the beginning of the year. 

Yearly Ladies Desert Team

  • 9 matches

  • 4 two-women teams

  • USGA Rules apply

  • Max Handicap 28

Matches played on Mondays. $50.00 entry fee per match includes lunch, golf and cart fee.

Participating clubs: 

  • Alta Mesa 11/21/2016

  • AZ Biltmore 12/05/2016

  • AZ CC 12/12/2016

  • Superstition Mountain 01/09/2017

  • Las Sendas 01/30/2017

  • Ancala 02/06/2017

  • Tatum Ranch 02/13/2017

  • Mesa CC 04/10/2017

  • RMRCC 04/17/2017

Ladies Home & Home Team Play

  • 4 matches

  • 8-women teams

  • USGA Rules apply

  • Max Handicap 36

Matches played on Thursdays. $55.00 entry fee per match includes lunch, golf and cart fees.

Participating clubs: 

  • Seville 12/08/2016

  • Las Sendas 01/19/2017

  • RMRCC 01/26/2017

  • Encanterra 02/09/2017

All Other Events

3 Jills and Jack: November 15, 2016

Dress the guys up and have them play from the Copper Tees - but no mroe than 5 drives per guy. Dinner will follow the event. Sign up in the Pro Shop.

WELCOME BACK NIGHT: November 17, 2016

Welcom back celebration... spend the evening catching up with old friends and enjoy an event filled evening. The Pavilion.

Hen's Trot: November 22, 2016

You are welcome to bring your out of town guests for this event. Please bring 2 cans of food to donate to the Mesa Save the Family Charity. Sign up in the Pro Shop.

Gobbler Trot: November 23, 2016

The day before Thanksgiving is a Men's day event. Please bring your out of town guests for this even. Please bring 2 cans of food to donate to the Mens' Shelter of Mesa.

Ladies' Christmas Luncheon for Toys for Tots: December 2, 2016

This is our Christmas luncheon. Please bring an unwrapped toy for a boy or girl ages up to 12 years of age. All toys are donated to the Mesa Salvation Army. NOTE: Boys age 9-12 seem to receive the fewest gifts.

Santa Clause Tournament: December 11, 2016

This will be a mixed couple's step aside scramble with net and gross prizes. A 4 person team. The player whose drive is used must step aside and not hit the next shot, just their 3 teammates can hit. The sequence continues until the ball is on the green where 4 players can put. You don't need to play golf to come up and have dinner with your friends. All you need is pay for your meal. You must sign up 1 week before the event. If you cancel less than 3 days before the event you will still be charged the entry fee.

Las Sendas Cup - Mens: January 27-29, 2017

USA will try to defend against Team Canada in the three day tournament. Field of 32 players with 3 alternates per side. Alternates will also be eligible to play based on Captain's decision. 24 players will play the Gold Tees and 8 players will play the Blue tees. Blue tee players must be over the age of 65. Players will be able to move between tees during the tournament, based on Captains decision. Players will only play against players playing the same tees. Only (1) Cup will be awarded to the winning team. Each player and alternates will get 2 shirts and 1 hat in their teams colors. Enrollement will start November 1, 2016 and end on December 15, 2016. Captains for each side will determine the teams after the December 15, 2016 end date. Dinners included each night.

7th Annual Wayne McBean Tombstone Tournament: February 1, 2017

Be creative and make up your own tombstone that represents you. Play your round until you hit your adjusted gross score (par plus your handicap). Set down your tombstone when you hit the number or keep going around the course until you do - furthest player wins! There are also prizes for best Tombstone.

Ladies Desert Bloom Member/Guest: March 1-2, 2017

Event starts with a meet-and-greet on Wednesday evening at the Pavilion. On Thursday there is an 18-hole member/guest competition. Four woman team play, consisting of at least 1 Las Sendas member and up to 3 guests. Best 2 net balls will be scored. Each player will play their own ball over the 18 holes. You will record the 2 best net balls per hole. The team with the best overall score will be the champions. If your team has only 2 palyers, you will be placed with another 2 woman team within the same flight (if possible). Ladies may arrange their own twosome on their own if they wish. Some members who may have 2 guests may be paired with another member who was unable to bring a guest.

8th Annual Men's Invitational Tournament: March 9-12, 2017

54 hole Member/Guest competition. This is the time to bring your favorite golfing buddy to show Las Sendas. There will be first class events both on and off the course. Format will be 2 man shamble with daily adjusting to team handicaps. Overall winner will be based on the final day horse race. Sign up early for this event to ensure your spot.

Ladies Las Sendas Cup: March 23-24, 2017

The American ladies will try to defend against the Canadian ladies in a 2 day tournament. Captains will choose teams base don who signs up and availability. The field will be limited by an equal number of players on each team with alternates. Team players must play to a Maximum Handicap of 36 or better. Sign up must occur 30 days before the event. Team colors for attire will be chosen by the team captains. Each day, teams will play 2 nine hole matches. Day 1 will be a 9 hole 2 woman Scramble and a 9 hole Chapman. Day 2 will be a 9 hole 2 woman better ball and a 9 hole Singles Match Play. All players will play from the copper tees. 

2nd Annual Men's 27 Hole Member/Member: March 22, 2017

Pick a partner and play 27 holes of golf from 3 different tee boxes. The first nine holes are a scramble played from the white tees, the second 9 holes are an alternate shot played from the blue tees, and the last 9 holes will be a best ball played from the gold tees. We will be using USGA rules for each format including maximum 8 stroke differential. 

Men's Final Stableford: March 29, 2017

This will determine the best golfer of the year. You will take your best 3 Stableford scores of the 5 rounds played during the season and add that to your final round on March 29th to determine the winner of the Men's Stableford Championship. There will be a regular and a senior flight. Pairing will be based on your rank during the season. You must play with your assigned pairing to qualify for the championship. No guest play on the final event. 

4th Annual Ladies Tombstone Tournament: March 28, 2017

Be creative and make a tombstone that represents you. Play your round until you hit your adjusted gross score (pay plus your handicap). Set down your tombstone when you hit your number or keep going around the course until you do - furthest player wins!

Men's 50/50 Party: April 7, 2017

This is the Men's year-end closing party. Dinners will be paid for from the 50/50 drawing throughout the season. You must have contributed to the 50/50 pot during the year. No guests for dinner.

Ladies Closing Day Party: April 4th, 2017

This is the Ladies Club year-end closing party and dinner. There will be a fun game of the day prior to dinner. Awards will be given out for annual ladies club points as well as the day game. This event is free to all Ladies Club Members who have paid their activity fee. Sign up sheet will be in the Pro Shop for both the dinner and golf.

Men's Masters Tournament: April 5, 2017

Your score from this Wednesday round (max score will be a 10 stroke differential from the lowest score for that day) will be used towards the Masters Tournament results. After the Official Masters cut on Friday you will select your Masters Pro players. You must select one Pro player from the top 50% of the field and one Pro player from the lower half of the field. The total score from the Pro players from their Saturday and Sunday play, plus your score will be your final score. Lowest score wins!

Men's Iron Man Tournament: April 12, 2017

The Superintendent sets the course up to play in its most difficult state and all players must play from the tips (Silver). Super Seniors (70+) flight will be allowed to tee off from the black tees, using the black tee handicap. There will be prizes for GROSS, NET and lowest number of putts in each flight.